The Graduate Consortium of IASDR allows for cross-fertilisation between Doctoral work and emerging Master’s research within any of the eight thematic outlines.

Doctoral students who wish to participate in this format should submit a short paper to outline their research topic, methods of research and key outcomes for double blind peer review. Accepted authors will be invited to deliver a short talk. Their short papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

Masters students who wish to participate should submit an abstract to outline their research topic, methods of research and key outcomes. Accepted abstracts will be notified and asked to prepare poster submissions (A1 size). The posters will be exhibited online or offline – depending the global pandemic situation – throughout the conference period with designated Q&A sessions scheduled on the Consortium day.

Important Dates

Doctoral Students: Preparing and Submitting Your Short Papers

Short papers are expected to report on Doctoral student’s research, including novel topics, work-in-progress research, new methodological approaches, or completed research. The doctoral students should have successfully become doctoral candidates (i.e., have passed their qualifying/candidacy/confirmation exams), or alternatively, completed at least 1.5-year study of a doctoral programme. The short paper should include: 1) background of the topic, 2) theoretical basis/perspective, 3) research question and objective, 4) research design and methods employed, 5) expected outcomes, and 6) pilot study (if applicable).

Short papers should be 2000-2500 words (excluding abstract and references). Authors are expected to anonymise their papers by removing author names and affiliations, as well as acknowledgement information. When citing their own work, please make sure to use third-person to refer to the work.  

For doctoral short paper submission, please simply download and use the general IASDR Short Paper template here and disregard the specifics for the Papers track in the template.

Submit your doctoral short paper here.

Masters Students: Preparing and Submitting Your Abstracts, and Posters If Accepted

Master students are expected to introduce their capstone project with a poster. Students are encouraged to show the project process and outcomes with multiple methods, including table, photos, illustration and video.

For the first submission, Masters students are invited to submit a 500 words abstract (excluding references) to describe their capstone/thesis research projects for panel review. After being accepted, students should create an A1 poster introducing their research and submit it on or before 5 September 2021.

Download Template for Masters students here. Poster template will become available soon.

Review and Selection Criteria

Short papers by doctoral students

All doctoral short paper submissions will be double blind peer reviewed. The key criteria of the review and selection process include:

Abstracts by masters students

All the abstracts will be panel reviewed. The key criteria of review include:


Sylvia Xihui Liu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Jun Cai,
Tsinghua University, China
Carlos Teixeira,
Illinois Institute of Technology, USA