The selected workshops are approaching the IASDR 2021 conference as a safe place to question any themes, including History, Criticality, Business, Alternative and Social. They represent confusions and concerns both of the organisers and the field for further exploring alternative, emerging, yet-to-articulate modes of being, sensing, making, and learning together. For provoking the debate, the proposals commonly start with asking what are modes of design for and why such modes are needed in the first place? Consequently, it leads to the question of whether design research can be ‘unmoded’ and possibly reinvent it as ‘mode-less.’

The workshops presented address and challenge design researchers committed to emancipatory values as newly introduced technologies and social contexts required to make these systems more legible, engaging, usable, and responsible. The proposals suggest that ‘unmoding’ or unlearning commonplace principles behind design research pay more attention to the significance of artful social and collaborative work. The majority of workshop organisers are women who embark on the project of ‘unmoding’ design. It is indicative of an evolving response to a rapidly changing world that demands the radical relinking of already pre-existing traditions on the streets, in new media, art, health, education, and everyday life. 

Below is a rich programme of the workshop series.
(All workshops will be conducted on 5th December.)

Workshop 1. Business Design Modes
Consuming Places:
The Design and Experience of Coffee Places (WITHDRAWN)

Workshop 2. Historical/ProjectiveDesign Modes
Envisioning New Futuring Models: Past,Plurality, and Positionality (09:00-12:00)

Workshop 3. Alternative Design Modes
Narratives in Biodesign – Bridging Methods, Processes and Tools

Workshop 4. Social Design Modes
Humans of Interiors (WITHDRAWN)

Workshop 5. Alternative Design Modes
The Art of Regenerative Design (15:00-18:00)

Workshop 6. Social Design Modes
Diversifying Approaches to Co-Designing the Smart Everyday (15:00-21:00)

Workshop 7. Alternative Design Modes
Governing with Nature: Applying More-than-Human Design to the Management of Shared Urban Green Space (18:00-21:00)

Workshop 8. Critical Design Modes
Tackling Online Empathy Deficits: Exploration of New Methods with Humanities and Social Scientific Concepts (15:00-19:00)

Workshop 9. Critical Design Modes
Gender and Agency: ‘Care’ as a Facilitator for Social Change (10:00-13:00)