IASDR 2021 Panels provide a unique, interactive method between participants and experts in the field to have a constructive discussion-oriented forum. Panel presentation is different from short talks or paper presentation and does not need to have original research because they provide a venue to discuss novel research areas and directions, policies, methods, and opinions among experts in the topics relevant to the conference. Panel members may include experts with different school of thoughts and even controversial ideas for discussion. Panelists are strongly encouraged to propose topics relevant to the conference that has wide interest among audiences and the general public. Panelists must be experts in their field and use creative methods and their expertise to engage the audiences and the panel members in the panel discussion.

Important Dates

Preparing and Submitting Your Panel Proposals

Panel organizer(s) must submit a panel proposal which include authors information, extended abstract and authors’ short bios. All panel members must be listed as authors in the proposal and all author names, affiliations and contact information should be provided. The panel proposal should be max 1000 words excluding references and bios. Upon acceptance, the panel chairs will assign the panel moderator, who will likely be the corresponding author of the panel proposal. However, the corresponding author can counter-propose another person to take the role of moderator. If needed the panel can have a co-moderator. Number of the panel members should be within 4-6 members excluding panel moderator. The duration of your panel is expected to be 90 minutes. The brief procedure should include introduction of the panel members by the panel moderator, discussion of the topic by each panel member, Q&A among the panel members, and Q&A from audiences.

For panel proposal submission, please download and use the IASDR panel proposal template here.

Submit your proposal here.

The panel proposal will be published on the IASDR website, as an open-access record in the public domain.

Selection Process and Criteria

Panel proposals of IASDR 2021 will not be part of conference proceedings, but they will be made available on conference website before the conference starts. The review and selection process will be administered by panel chairs and invited reviewers as a jury. When required, Panels Chairs may request changes to the panel proposal to better align the topics with the conference aim.


We encourage panels contributing to the discussion within the conference’s eight thematic outlines:
• Social-Design Modes
• Making-Design Modes
• Business-Design Modes
• Critical-Design Modes
• Historical / Projective-Design Modes
• Impact-Design Modes
• Pandemic-Design Modes
• Other-Design Modes

Conference Registration & Presentation

Panel organizers have to make sure that the panel members register for the conference and pay any registration fees and the panel members are available (in person or online) during the presentation time. Any seating arrangement and audience size limitations should be discussed with the panel chairs and conference committees. Any A/V equipment needs have to be discussed prior to the conference. Any other information has to be checked and confirmed with the panel chairs.


Yan Tina Luximon, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Jeffrey C. F. Ho, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong