IASDR 2021 invites authors to contribute pictorials to address one of the eight thematic outlines of the conference. Pictorials will be published in the conference proceedings.

Important Dates

IASDR Pictorials

For the first time this year, the IASDR conference will include Pictorials as a participation format. Pictorial contributions are invited to explore the various IASDR2021 thematic outlines following broad angles of interpretation. Pictorials are fully credited research papers in which the visual components are the primary means of conveying information. Pictorials are a fully accredited part of the conference programme, and will follow the same protocols of Full Papers, in terms of production, reviewing protocols, archival, presentation and institutional reporting. 

Pictorials may include field notes, photographs, annotated photographs, illustrations, renderings, sketches, artwork, collages, diagrams, renderings and sketches, and other visual forms. The pictorials format encourages multiple perspectives on knowledge production, sharing, and representation. Many approaches are possible. Pictorials must demonstrate original work, working within the academic standards of citing and using work of others. Pictorials must also build on work of others to extend and open new directions of enquiry. 

While pictorials are new to IASDR, they have become mainstream in several ACM SIGCHI sponsored conferences of interest to the IASDR community. For an extended description and history of pictorials, please see https://cc.acm.org/2021/2021-call-for-pictorials/ which lists and provides links for many examples of pictorials. 

Of course, we anticipate that the IASDR community will advance the format with its wealth of design expertise. We believe that pictorials enable designers, researchers, and practitioners to express their intention, unfold their processes, and demonstrate their projects in a visually rich communication form.

Preparing and Submitting Your Pictorials

Please download and use the IASDR 2021 Pictorials template below. Pictorial submissions are limited to 12 pages excluding references. In the pictorial, authors are expected to state their contribution in relation to the conference themes. We emphasize that visual materials should be primary in a pictorial submission. We anticipate to see these visual materials are not only showing the outcome of design research, but also producing knowledge within their own breadth and depth. Pictorial templates can be found here:

Submit Pictorial here

Review and Selection Criteria

All pictorial submissions will be double blind peer reviewed. The key criteria of the review and selection process include originality of produced knowledge/perspective and/or approaches, rigour of the scholarship, impact and contribution, as well as quality of the pictorial presentation in terms of organization, clarity, and style.


Eli Blevis, Indiana University, USA
Joep Frens, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Daniel Echeverri, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong / Masaryk University, Czech Republic