10:20 - 12:30
Session: GS3
[Education] + Design
A Fractal Mindset in Design Education: Explorations in Wellbeing, Form creation / Aesthetics, and Design Thinking
(fractals; wellbeing; education; pedagogy; biophilia; nature
Noor Danielle MURTEZA

This work-in-progress aims to present educational content and pedagogical tools so that the Fractal Mindset may be defined, developed, and taught at different levels of education. The educational model will draw from a theoretical understanding of fractal patterns. A fractal pattern is a mathematical concept which defines a pattern that is self-similar across multiple scales. These patterns describe the complexity we see in nature and beyond while underlying positive psychological and physiological wellbeing responses. The novelty of this research lies in the leveraging of fractal patterning to create educational content and tools that value three branches: connections with nature, wellbeing responses, and wicked problems in design thinking. In pursuit of the research aim, the following question is posed: what considerations must be satisfied for the Fractal Mindset’s educational content and pedagogical tools to be effective in expanding student perspectives at each educational level – general public, middle school, and undergraduate?