10:20 - 12:30
Session: GS3
[Education] + Design
Art-based media education as a mode of social design
Digital parenting; media education; media literacy; media socialization; civic media literacies; critical media literacy

Parents are continuously confronted with new challenges in today’s fast-moving online environment. They are anxious about raising their children in times of uncertainty and rapid social change under the added pressure of feeling that parenting with media is something for which they are directly accountable for (Livingstone and Blum-Ross, 2020). Parents need tools and guidelines for a more conscious and critical mediation of their children’s media use. This PhD proposes a media educational project that empowers parents to guide their children towards a critical attitude towards media and to show that media can be used towards a common good (Gordon and Mihailidis, 2016). The objective is the development of a framework that teaches this understanding and knowledge to parents using the arts as a pedagogical tool.