14:00 - 16:15
Session: GS5
[Technology] + Design
Three Post-Phenomenological Design Projects on and with ML Technologies as Philosophy-in-Practice
design research; post-phenomenology; entanglement HCI; machine learning; AI
Jesse Josua BENJAMIN

In my doctoral research, I am concerned with making machine learning (ML)technologies accessible as a design material using post-phenomenological investigations. I use the latter framework because, on the one hand, it has become particularly widespread in HCI design research given its focus on technological mediation, or the shaping of subjectivity and objectivity, and according perceptions and actions in the world via technology. However, and on the other hand, the relationship between both approaches is reciprocal in my work. While post-phenomenology can inform design research, the former also requires assistance from the latter due to its own conceptual shortcomings regarding ML technologies. In this contribution, I focus on my work fusing post-phenomenology and design research as philosophy-in-practice to explicate conceptual vocabularies and provocative short hands for approaching ML technologies as a design material.