14:00 - 16:15
Session: GS4
[Social] + Design
Making Community Relatable Again: Research on the mechanism of service design in innovating community public governance
Community governance; service design; public participation; sense of community
Hui LI

A significant orientation of community governance research is to advocate and reflect on the co-governance of multiple stakeholders. However, how to effectively promote community public participation is still facing many difficulties. This study explores how service design can stimulate the endogenous power of restructuring the community from the cross-over perspective of sociology and design, based on the community practices in China in recent years. The perspective of analysis includes not only the spatial narrative ability in the community but also the public dialogue in the community public life. The research method adopts a sequential hybrid research method combining experimental research and comparative case study. This research aims to explore the localized theory of the value co-creation logic of service design. By discussing the transformation of the cooperative relationship between government and society in the construction of urban communities, it supplements the lack of service design in the theoretical system of “service-oriented government.”