14:00 - 16:15
Session: GS5
[Technology] + Design
Design of functional application model in vehicle infotainment system - Taking vehicle music application as an example
In-vehicle infotainment system; Music application; Business model
Yuanyang ZUO

The application functions of in-vehicle infotainment system (IVIS) continue to progress with the development of related technologies and changes in user needs. Although researchers have conducted in-depth studies on the development of the music industry, the development of music services and their business models in IVIS are relatively vacant. In this paper, the experimental design and test of music application products are carried out by means of simulated driving simulation environment test, and the test experimental data are constructed and analyzed. From the perspective of design and users, this paper proposes new theoretical concepts and conducts experimental design for IVIS and its business model. When using in-vehicle music application, users pay more attention to the artificial intelligence(AI) level, but it is not the preference with higher AI level. With the development of technology of autonomous driving, the driving scene will become abundant, and the business model of IVIS taking music as the entry point may also change.