10:20 - 12:30
Session: GS2
[Business] + Design
Analysis on Formation Mechanism of Enterprise Design Competitiveness Based on Structural Equation Modeling
enterprise design competitiveness; index; structural equation
Jiang XU, Pujie SU, Wang YI

In the age of knowledge networks, the capacity of design innovation has become an essential component of the core competitiveness of enterprises. This research focuses on the connotation of enterprise design competitiveness, applying the combination between case analysis and expert interview. Besides, it constructs an enterprise design competitiveness index system consisting of design efficiency, design ability, and design strategy, uses the structural equation model analysis method to empirically tests relevant hypotheses, and then explores the formation mechanism of corporate design competitiveness. The results show that design competitiveness is mainly affected by three factors: design benefit, design ability, and design strategy. The impact of design benefits and design capabilities on design competitiveness is slightly more significant than the design strategy. The research conclusions provide practical suggestions for enterprises to improve their design competitiveness.