10:20 - 12:30
Session: GS3
[Education] + Design
Scientific research as a challenge for Communication Design students: Experimental workshop to encourage communication design students to collaborate in scientific research and create synergies in the university context
Research in Design; Communication Design; Participatory Design; Science Communication.
Santiago MOURÃO, Marcela S. C. ROSA, Heitor M ALVELOS

This paper presents the outcomes of an experimental workshop designed to stimulate design students’ interest for scientific research. The workshop was conducted online in March 2021, involving twelve Master’s students in Image Design and nine PhD students in Design from the University of Porto, Portugal. The objectives were: to promote scientific research; to contribute to the development of tangible solutions for research project’s needs; and to encourage collaboration between masters and doctoral students. Method of evaluation included application of questionnaires and interviews. The results pointed to a high engagement rate (100% fulfilment of challenges); development of pertinent solutions; and creation of synergies between participants outside the workshop scenario. We therefore conclude the modelis aligned with the set objectives; the workshop has the potential to stimulate research among design students. For future studies, new tests will be performed in multidisciplinary contexts within the scope of scientific research.