14:00 - 16:15
Session: GS6
[Well-being] + Design
FASH-IO-N-FWD: Generative Workshop for Computational Fashion Design
Co-Design; Probes; Computation; HCI; Additive Manufacturing; Fashion Design; Toolkits
Lionel Zhen Jie WONG

This paper outlines an exploration to be carried out by the author, utilizing a constructionist, co-experiential methodology to explore alternative ways in which traditionally trained fashion designers can apply computational methods in their practice. Leaning on Constructive Design Research (Koskinen, 2011) traditions, fashion designer participants will be confronted in their practice with knowledge outside their field (i.e. computational design methods). In response, through a process of priming, sensitization and co-design, they will generate novel, alternative approaches to implement computation into their creative processes. The outcomes of this study will in the generation of novel, alternative computational design methods which are aligned to the fashion design paradigms, that can be utilised for innovating practice and pedagogy, as well as contribute to the development of future computational design tools.