14:00 - 16:15
Session: GS4
[Social] + Design
What is the role of interaction design of triangulation elements in nudging citizens towards social interaction?
HCI; triangulation; social interaction; embodied interaction design

Urban public spaces set the conditions for social life, becoming familiar with other inhabitants and the rhythms of the city, assigning meanings, everyday individual and collective experience and actions develop social connections. This PhD research questions the role of design as an interaction initiator between citizens in public settings. The objective is to explore how interaction design of ‘21st cc triangulation elements’ initiate social interaction and the role of body movements, through designing mediators that afford a redescribed body response. A corpus collection is developed and analysed using methods adopted from grounded theory. Analysed data provided further information to base the flow of interview and focus group studies. Findings from those studies will generate design parameters for the concept development and testing for the future of the study