10:20 - 12:30
Session: GS2
[Business] + Design
Improving brand loyalty through value creation
brand loyalty; competitive advantage; value creation; value creation factors; cus- tomer engagement
Bharati DAS, Sylvia Xihui LIU

Value creation factors have emerged as a dynamic approach to achieving competitive advantage and product differentiation in companies. A product is followed by not just form and function but by meaning as well. This meaning is given by value creation or addition, which affects brand loyalty. But what are the value creation factors which influence brand loyalty for a company? A theoretical base is conducted on the relationship between value creation and brand loyalty. Six value creation factors and three research gaps have been identified, along with the way forward to a pilot study. This research will explore critical value creation and brand loyalty characteristics and link them as input-output processes with value creation factors as the intermediator. The practical contribution of this research is that any company can adopt the identified framework in improving their value creation/addition strategy and brand loyalty.