10:20 - 12:30
Session: GS1
[Cultural] + Design
A New frame: Design-led Transformations from linear to circular economies for Sustainability
transformation; circular-economy; sustainability; hybrid-model; design-approach; value-creation

In this era of climatic change design needs new tools, frames and approaches to guide the design process for holistic transformations towards sustainability. This requires changes to three intertwined and interdependent dimensions of society, economy and natural environments. Where change to business and economic models is critical to achieve radical change to achieve sustainability. Terms rising in attention among scholars, business and states to address these issues are sustain-ability, sustainable development and circular economy. Yet while these terms are of increasing global interest there remains a gap in their relationship and specifically the contribution the Circular economy makes to sustainable development. This paper addresses this gap and demonstrates through a synthesized hybrid model, the contribution of the circular economy to sustainable development, the natural environment and the critical need for change of business and economic models to realize and reduce impacts for climatic change. This paper acts as a first step to develop a new frame for a design process for holistic transformation towards sustainability and in the context of a Circular economy.