10:20 - 12:30
Session: GS3
[Education] + Design
Material Turn: Material Thinking-oriented Sustainable Artefact Design Education Mode
material thinking; artefact design education mode; sustainability; material turn; post-anthropocentrism
Yang YE

The increasingly decayed eco-system, especially the sudden outbreak of Covid-19,stresses the need to transform human-centred design ethics to non/de/post-human and object-oriented ontology, indicating the mainstream Material Turn in modern philosophy. A circular economy is an ideal economic strategy for sustainable development aiming at achieving the goal of Cradle to Cradle. Realizing material flow in a closed-loop circulating system can be seen as the critical point of a circular economy where the material is playing a crucial role. However, design thinking-oriented artefact design education mode is essentially immaterial and human-centred, separating designers from physical materials and manufacturing, making designers lack sustainability abilities. In this paper, I suggest an alternative design education mode directed by material thinking which regards material as anew “living” species to guide designers to have a dialogue with materials to bridge the gap between designers and the real physical world.