10:20 - 12:30
Session: GS2
[Business] + Design
Explore the Framework: How Design Management Capability as Dynamic Capabilities
design management; dynamic capabilities; literature review

In the existing research, more and more scholars associate design management with dynamic capabilities. Design management is a process of managing a series of product and service design processes. From the perspective of capability, design management can be embodied as different design management capabilities. Plays a role in different stages and levels of the firm. Dynamic capability theory is based on resource-based theory, which can be used to identify and reorganize internal and external resources of the firm and form a routine to better address the problem that the company will face in a changing environment. From the similarities between the concepts of design management and dynamic capabilities, and in the literature, we can find that researchers regarded design management as a dynamic capability. This paper focuses on the study of design management as a dynamic capability, presents the relationship between design management and dynamic capability through literature review to clarify the concept of “design management as a dynamic capability”. Furthermore, how design management uses the existing dynamic capability framework to construct a framework or procedure for design management helps us improve design management capability and build its general framework.