10:20 - 12:30
Session: GS1
[Cultural] + Design
Nostalgia-based Design Methodology for Subtle Connection from East Asian Aesthetics View
Nostalgia Design, Eastern Aesthetics, Mediated Communication, Slow Media, Emo- tional Design
Xuqin YU

Digital technology is playing a significant role in media design which is now increasingly rich and fast. Multiple channels, a wide range of interactive activities are provided to support new communications. Nostalgia which refers to the yearning for the old and the slow, seems to be an opposite side of current mainstream technology design. However, in this paper, we propose that nostalgia has unique power and hidden potential in digital mediated design. We present here a nostalgia-based design methodology for subtle emotional connection, followed by two in-the field design cases. We would like to dig deeper into the meaning of nostalgia design and open discussions on how factors, such as distance, content-less, slow media, that seem to be negative for emotional communication in fact increase intimacy and contribute to emotional bonding.