15:00 - 16:40
Session: S12
[Critical Positions] + Design
Gentle Protest – Contemplations on an Interactive Tableau
Interactive Textiles; Textile Design; Critical Design; Co-Design; Interactivity
Haze NG

Gentle Protest is an environmentally sensitive interactive textile design created with the rationales of critical design practice. Addressing the conference theme[CRITICAL] DESIGN MODES, it attempts to explore the co-creatorship between the designer and audiences afforded by interactive textiles with the hybridised mode of designing and creating. Through the encouraged human-artefact engagement and collective meaning signification, Gentle Protest is expected to stimulate introspection and unfold discussion on the context behind the created piece. The design practice intersects the ideas of interactivity, metaphoric connotation expression, aesthetics of use, engagement uncertainty, potential ambiguity, and textile craftsmanship to create a dynamic interactive tableau. Embedded with thermochromatism and photoluminescence, the designed object responses to external stimuli and performs temporary visual transformation. Equipped with the corresponding engagement aids, audiences are offered the role of co-creator with autonomous control of the tableau surface appearance to respond to the meaning perceived from the work and the interaction.