10:50 - 12:30
Session: S08
[Behavioural and Interaction] + Design
Design for Better Ambient Temperature Experiences
Ambient Temperature; Climate Change; Research Through Design
Zaiqiao YE, Ruiqi FANG, Sharanya RAVICHANDRAN, Shivali JEJURKAR

Nowadays, most people still rely on weather reports to access information about the temperature. However, the weather report is less useful when people care more about the temperature of the immediate surrounding areas. With people’s well-being in ambient temperatures in mind, we designed and developed ConnecT, a family-shared mobile application connecting with multiple temperature sensors. It could provide information in two parts: loved ones’ surrounding temperature and saved places’ environmental information. The target users of our design are homemakers, as they plan the clothing and meals for their families. We believe this design can contribute to smart cities in the future, as the application could provide a platform to share temperature information for public places.