15:00 - 16:40
Session: S17
[Commons and Infrastructure] + Design
Kampos, a village community on the greek island of Tinos.
Narrative; Metaphor; Traditional Architecture; Village; Community

The situation in the village of Kampos, on the Cycladic island of Tinos, is of a great importance to me. This importance stems from the fact that nowadays architects, planners and designers are directed towards new contemporary sustainable ways of living, which are searching for things outside the human way of living, outside of the complexity of architecture, with things connected with social life, spatial qualities and the environment. Meanwhile, private and governmental establishment of ownership/property make boundaries appear stiff as elements of division and autonomy. Do we actually know how it is to be living together with a broader understanding of the role of architecture and the environment? Despite our contemporary and highly technological way of living, this way of life and spatial understanding in the village, continuing habits and patterns of the past, still contributes to a balanced lifestyle in terms of physiology and psyche both in the private and the public realm. The way of living in Kampos could be a response to some of the prejudices and difficulties that affect many other cultures in our globalised world.