10:50 - 12:30
Session: S37
[Situating Cognition] + Design
Fostering Growth Mindsets: Possibilities Within a Heterarchical Collaborative Team Learning Design Studio
Hidden Curriculum; Heterarchical Pedagogy; Growth Mindset; Community Of Practice; Socialised Pedagogy
Zhengping LIOW

Notions of relating academic achievement to non-cognitive characteristics such as Growth Mindset have gained traction in recent years. Growth Mindset, being a malleable construct, is advantageous for beginning design students in navigating through unforeseeable challenges in both academia and the ever-changing landscapes of professional practice. Capitalising on Design Studio’s ambiguous and iterative process, the experimental heterarchical ‘Collaborative Team Learning(CTL)’ studio pedagogy inducts first-year architecture students into the peer-to-peer supported Community of Practice as breeding grounds for inculcating Growth Mindsets. Against the Master-and-Apprentice one-on-one (OOO) teaching model, Inferential statistics are performed to seek out relationships between their academic performances with Growth Mindsets as measurements of change for both groups. Though Growth Mindset had decreased for both groups, CTL learners have statistically outperformed their OOO peers on both data points. This study is a timely investigation on developing an alternative pedagogical model in fostering students’ mindsets for an increasingly uncertain world.