10:50 - 12:30
Session: S38
[Multidisciplinary] + Design
Prototyping in each Development Process to Improve Company and Team Performance
Prototyping; Prototyping Strategy; Prototype; Performance

Previous Researches are being conducted on effective prototyping that uses various tactics to allow for strategic prototyping to be carried out. However, relatively few studies have analyzed prototyping conducted within companies. Recent studies have demonstrated the three roles of prototypes used within companies by examining the actual prototyping companies carry out. However, researcher shave yet to uncover how prototyping that uses these three prototype roles affects performance. In other words, although it is understood that prototyping involving prototypes of the three roles is conducted in companies, it is not possible to select the prototyping that positively affects performance. The purpose of this paper is to indicate the prototyping that should be implemented in each development process to improve performance in companies conducting new business including new product development. We clarify it based on Lau! et al.’s three prototype roles. This study uses two-sample t-tests to analyze data obtained through internet-based quantitative research and analyzes data collected from specialist interviews using open coding. The results indicate the possibility for company performance and team performance to improve through prototype roles such as “enable communication.” The results also suggested that company performance and team performance may worsen when using roles that “inform decision making.” Additionally, we present seven categories that demonstrate prototyping to implement in each development process.