15:00 - 16:40
Session: S34
[Other Ergonomics] + Design
Embracing the role of fashion value in the design of wearable products: A case study of 3D face mask bracket
3D Face Bracket; Aesthetics; Fashion Value; Wearable Products; User Appreciation; Face Mask Ergonomics

Wearable products require additional considerations in design for utilitarian and aesthetic requirements. The wearable designs which are exposed to others while wearing need a fashion value for being trendy, therefore, widely appreciated by the audience. During the pandemic (Covid-19), face masks are considered to be mandatory for outdoors and indoor gatherings. Traditional surgical masks are quite useful; however, the design requires significant improvements for ergonomics and aesthetics. Users also demand a redesign of a face mask with improved ergonomics while performing sports and cardio activities along with the enhanced fashion value. A 3d sports face mask bracket has been designed with improved ergonomics during sports activities. Special considerations have been given to incorporate significant fashion and aesthetic values for a wider range of customizations and user appreciation. The design of the bracket has been developed to fit perfectly on the face without ear loops and neck supports for enhanced user experience and comfort.