15:00 - 16:40
Session: S47
[Behaviour and Cognition] + Design
Invisible Dominant Logic: CognitionDominant Logic
Dominant Logic Transformation; Cognition-Dominant Logic; Value-In-Attention; Ambience Intelligent; Design Contexts
Xueman CHU, Fei WANG, Dongxiao CHU

This research conceptualises cognition dominant logic. Firstly, the concept of cognition-dominant logic is proposed by clarifying the transformation and evolution of dominant logic. Cognition-dominant logic advocates value-in-attention as value proposition in design innovation contexts. Secondly, analyzed and defined concretely by Quantitative Type and Cluster Analysis, factors of cognition-dominant logic can be concluded as four sections: Cognition & Experience, Technology& Method, Strategy & Process, User & Ambience Intelligent, and featured three characteristics: Information, Perceived Affordance and Ambience Intelligent with Co-perception and Co-retroaction in intelligent interaction. This research has positive meanings in evolution of dominant logic, points out design situations, cites instances in digital virtualization era, which can be used for the next step of conceptualizations and applications, as well as help firms to address business challenges and construct the intelligent ecosystem in future studies.