15:00 - 16:40
Session: S30
[Urban and the Rural] + Design
Decolonizing Design with Technology in Cultural Heritage Contexts - Systematic Literature Review
Decolonizing Design; Cultural Heritage; Technology; Human-Computer Interaction; Systematic Literature Review

In this paper we present the results of a systematic literature review investigating the cross-sections of decolonizing design, cultural heritage, and technology. In total, 26 relevant publications were found and examined systematically. Decolonizing design is a growing trend and the most publications were published since 2017.By examining the results, we will introduce the current debates and discourses on using technology in the context of cultural heritage field by using decolonizing design approach. We report that whereas technology itself appears as neutral, it is applied through a lens of values which can be intertwined with politics and power. In order to improve this, the design processes should be integrated with the local and cultural context. This is accomplished through participatory and co-creation approaches. Altogether, whereas the theme of decolonizing design is gaining growing interest, there is still a relatively small number of studies which report applying the approach into the design practice.