10:50 - 12:30
Session: S43
[Community Life] + Design
Flexible Co-Design Practice in Accommodating “Making” As A Method to Express Creativity
Co-Design; Making; Spontaneous Flexibility; Creativity

This article discusses a case study of a bamboo church construction project in Malang, Indonesia. This project employed a co-design method involving all church congregation members and was facilitated by the ASF ID (Architecture San Frontieres Indonesia) team. The co-design process tried to accommodate participants to unleash their creativity to shape design decisions. One of the important findings from the ground is that the participant’s creative potential is better accommodated by “making” rather than “drawing.” Participants can better maximise their creativity when directly embodying their ideas into 3D prototypes on the field site rather than designing through drawings first in the studio. This tendency is supported by the “craftsmanship” culture owned by most of the participants. This article concludes that the flexibility of the co-design process in this case study shapes by the role of participants. The participants have other ways of being creative and accommodated in the co-design process.