10:50 - 12:30
Session: S38
[Multidisciplinary] + Design
Integrative Design Thinking: A multidisciplinary approach to design-driven entrepreneurship education
Entrepreneurship Education; Design Thinking; Multidisciplinary; Cross-Disciplinary
Sylvia Xihui LIU, Benny Ding C.H. LEONG

Entrepreneurship education has embraced design-based frameworks in recentyears. In it, multidisciplinary is a core characteristic both of design thinking andentrepreneurship. However, the multidisciplinary is not included into consideredin existing DT models applied in entrepreneurship education. To fill the gap, weproposed an integrative design thinking (iDT) process, which was developed basedon seven-year experience on ID&BM programme. The iDT consists of five roots inline with the three categories of DT. To achieve the dynamic capability as part ofentrepreneurship education purpose, multidisciplinary elements were reportedin line with the three-phases iDT process with a structure from multi-, cross- andinter-disciplinary. The iDT model enriches our understanding of DT with a focuson multidisciplinary elements. It contributes to a multidisciplinary approach todesign-driven entrepreneurship education.