15:00 - 16:40
Session: S11
[Cocreation] + Design
Co-creation Behavior in Shared Service System: Influencing Factors
Shared Service System; Experience Value; Interaction Collaboration; Customer-Driven
Jun HU, Fei HU

Due to the development of sharing economy and the progress of information technology, the co-creation behavior has become increasingly easy to achieve in the shared service system, and the collaboration between consumers and enterprises has become a new development trend to create value. Consumer demand and sharing behavior are constantly changing, which affects the realization of co-creation value if shared service providers do not know the factors to accelerate the generation of consumer value co-creation behavior. Based on the theory of service-dominant logic, this paper constructs a theoretical model for the experience value co-creation behavior and its influencing factors in a shared service system. According to the 450 valid questionnaires collected, it was found that perceived benefits, perceived trust, and social sustainability affect customer experience value in shared service system through Interaction collaboration, and customer experience value can affect customer intention of co-creation behavior. The results show that the benefit motivation and trust motivation of customer participation in co-creation motivation significantly and positively affect Interaction collaboration, then Interaction collaboration significantly and positively affects their experience value and co-creation behavior intention. Further, experience value plays a significant intermediary role between interaction and co-creation behavior intention. Shared service providers and product manufacturers should pursue their benefit needs and trust needs from customers’ perspective, locate customer needs and preferences, and provide more attractive and convincing goods and services, so that customers can perceive more benefits and form a higher degree of trust.