10:50 - 12:30
Session: S41
[3D Systems] + Design
A Study on Colour Fidelity of Multi-colour 3D Printing for Fashion and Textile Design
Multi-Colour 3D Printing; Chromatic Aberration; 3D Printed Fashion
Hiu Sen Ivonbony CHAN

Recently, 3D printing technology is widely applied in design fields, it was defined as one of the transformative technologies in history. Colour 3D printing would be a potential design tool in fashion and textile design. However, colour fidelity is a challenge in 3D colour printing. This study investigated colour fidelity problems in multi-coloured 3D printing technologies that can be applied in fashion and textile design. In this study, two 3D multi-colour printing methods with two materials(plaster and resin), which were suitable for creating 3D printed fashion and textile products, were selected to produce six physical prototypes for chromatic aberration assessment. The final results showed that both plaster and resin performed satisfactory colour performances, but colours on resin could appeared more chromatic and vivid due to the material properties.