10:50 - 12:30
Session: S07
[Intelligent Interfaces] + Design
Research on the Intelligent Design Countermeasures in the Post-COVID Era
Covid-19 Pandemic; Design; Artificial Intelligence; Technology; Application Paradigm
Yunting GAO

The COVID-19 pandemic will still exist for a long time in the future, and there is the possibility of another outbreak of pandemic. Design for epidemic prevention will be the global design consensus in the post-COVID era. As the most important and powerful technical support for contemporary design upgrade and development, artificial intelligence can greatly empower epidemic prevention design. Based on the interpretation of new working methods, new demand concerns, and new functional forms of regular epidemic prevention and control design, centering on the “health+” design concept, sorting out the types and characteristics of smart technology applications, the multi-dimensional hierarchical structure and interrelationships among them are thoroughly studied. Combining with the case study of design practice, this paper comprehensively analyzes the function value and new characteristics of content, method, process, form and effect in intelligent epidemic prevention design. The intelligent technology application in epidemic prevention design focuses on the four-fold dimensions, cognition, thinking, expression, and action. They are internalized in the design process and externalized into a variety of product functions, which will endow the epidemic prevention design and its objects with multi-meaning values, and accelerate the positive development process of design itself.