15:00 - 16:40
Session: S28
[Biosciences] + Design
Towards a designerly way of thinking for bioengineers with ‘Design and Science’ cards
Interdisciplinary; Biodesign; Ideation; Creativity Support Tools; Workshop
Sander VÄLK, Yuning CHEN, Celine MOUGENOT

This paper reports a series of idea generation workshops in which bioengineerstook part. The workshops were facilitated with ‘Design and Science’ (DxS) ideation cards created by the authors. The analysis of post-workshop interviews with 5bioengineers shows that the use of DxS cards enabled the contextualisation of scientific research. In particular, the combination of ‘Context cards’ (developed around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) and ‘Science cards’ (developed around novel scientific advancements) enabled bioengineers to build new narratives, speculate and imagine possible futures. ‘Design and Science’ ideation cards make designerly approaches available for bioengineers and have the potential to support interdisciplinary creativity in the emerging field of biodesign.