10:50 - 12:30
Session: S41
[3D Systems] + Design
Understanding Detail Design Phase Using 3D CAD: A Case Study on Anybaro
Detail Design; Design For Manufacturability (DFM); Computer-Aided Design (CAD); 3D CAD; Semi-Parametric Modelling
Malika GABBAS, Kwanmyung KIM

In today’s academia, there are a lot of existing research and education materials on the conceptual design phase, but almost none on the detail design phase. In this study, we explored the detail design phase by analyzing CAD data of an industry-based project, named Anybaro. Specifically, we investigated a series of archived3D CAD data produced in this phase to gain a better understanding of it. We first started with a surface-level modification analysis and then proceeded to a deeper feature-level analysis to get insights into our detail design phase. As a result of this study, a few design strategies have been proposed. Moreover, the development of anew semi-parametric modelling tool is suggested to avoid inconvenient situations and tackle problems pertaining to the detail design phase with the aim of supporting designers, thus, enhancing the overall quality of professional design outcomes and positively influencing the design community as a whole.