15:00 - 16:40
Session: S14
[Interaction and Emotions] + Design
Exploring Design Opportunities for Mitigating Anxious Attachment
Attachment; Attachment Stabilization; Emotion Regulation; Design Intervention; Design For Well-Being
Heimin KANG, Chajoong KIM, Kyungho LEE, Dooyoung JUNG, Jungkyoon YOON

Due to the widespread presence of social media, social interaction has been more emotionally influencing people than ever before. This phenomenon has induced an increasing interest in emotional well-being in interpersonal relationships. According to literature, it is a contributor to emotional well-being to stabilize our interpersonal attachment. Mitigating negative emotions is also found out to lead to positive contributions toward our emotional well-being. Therefore, this study aims to explore design opportunities for mitigating negative emotions in specific attachment types. The focus is on those who have an anxious attachment which tends to be negatively associated with emotional well-being. For the study, in depth interviews with a diary study and designer workshop were conducted. As theresults, three situations (Underachievement, Self-depreciation, and Future worries)were identified in which anxious attachment people had experienced negative emotions. Furthermore, possible coping methods for the situations were derivedas well. Various solutions were suggested for coping with situations where people with anxious attachment undergo. The findings provide design opportunities for mitigating negative emotions of people with anxious attachment and contributingto their emotional well-being.