10:50 - 12:30
Session: S40
[Rehabilitation] + Design
Insights on green building rating systems for housing in India and their assessment with pillars of sustainability
Green Building Rating Systems; Sustainable Development; Sustainability Parameters; Building Assessment Methods; Design For Sustainability; Indian Context
Kratika PIPARSANIA, Pratul Chandra KALITA

India has three primary methods established for assessing green buildings. These rating tools have different categories and credit criteria for evaluating green building performance. Existing methods can be applied to different types of buildings addressing multiple aspects and regional variations. This paper seeks to provide a summary of the LEED-India, GRIHA, and IBGC rating system and assess them with three pillars of sustainability developed by the united nations: social, economic, and environmental. However, the rating systems that are preferred for assessment here are only limited to the residential sector. This research evaluates the rating system based on an extensive literature study and assesses these criteria based on socio, economic, and environmental parameters. The paper summarises suggestions based on three parameters and additional aspects that can be further enhanced to strengthen India’s green building rating system.