10:50 - 12:30
Session: S22
[ Behaviour and Empathy] + Design
Does the Robot Show Empathy with Me? Talking vs. Musical Robot.
Empathic Robot; Music Robot; Talking Robot; Expectation; Perceiving And Experiencing
Shiming HUANG, Johan F. HOORN

A loneliness pandemic pervades our youth, especially in Hong Kong. A growing body of research suggests that robots with empathic capabilities are important for negative emotion release. However, few studies explained how sad youth perceive and feel the empathy expressed by a robot. This study extends a formalized model of Interactively Perceiving and Experiencing Fictional Characters (I-PEFiC)plus the additions from Theory of Affective Bonding (TAB) into a new framework that explains the effects of a robot acting empathically so to become friends, thus reducing loneliness. In the current study, we explore how musical robots may be an alternative to talking robots given that current NLP is limited and (popular) music is appealing to youth. We present an experiment in which empathy is measured in youth being exposed to a musical or a talkative robot. In our discussion, insights for designing an empathetic robot and the limitations of the study are reflected upon.