10:50 - 12:30
Session: S42
[Nursing and Care] + Design
Designing for Distance Nursing: Reconnecting Nursing Students with Senior Home Residents during COVID-19
Design For Older Adults; Design For Healthcare; Nursing And Design; Nursing Education; Covid-19 And Design
Houjiang LIU, Ray LC, Miso KIM, Concetinna CORMIO, Meixin YU

During the COVID-19 pandemic, nursing students were compelled to receive remote geriatric education due to social distancing mandates. However, for older adults who lack technology literacy, there has been limited access to remote nursing assistance. Although the mandate has been effective in reducing virus transmission, it has imposed a double burden on older adults’ social isolation and has also restricted traditional geriatric nursing education for nursing students. To reconnect nursing students with older adults, we present research evaluating existing remote educational strategies in isolated care of older adults. We conducted surveys with nursing students and older adults to examine the extent of social deprivation duringCOVID-19 and their desires and needs in current remote care. These findings then informed our designs for interventions to connect more deeply with older adults, including thematic games, digital journals and information flyers for virtual and face-to-face assessments to support remote geriatric nursing interactions.