10:50 - 12:30
Session: S45
[Digital Imaginations Anymore] + Design
Kansei Evaluation of Costume Patterns for Co-Creation Design
Kansei Evaluation; Pattern; Co-Creation

YOSAKOI is one of the traditional dance festivals in Japan, and dancers wear costumes with various patterns created by themselves using the co-creation design process. In the co-creation, each person has a different image of the design, and they need a lot of time for discussion. So, in this research, we focused on the costume patterns and conducted an evaluation experiment using 21 patterns obtained by dividing every seven types of patterns into three density conditions. 118 participants evaluated these 21 patterns using the SD. The method with 12 evaluation items. From the Factor analysis, we found three common factors as the impression of the 21 costume patterns: 1) Luxury feeling, 2) Casual feeling, and 3) Powerful feeling. We could visualize the three-factor scores of each pattern. Moreover, we found that the three factors are strongly connected with patterns’ density condition.