10:50 - 12:30
Session: S21
[Heritage] + Design
Interactive Application Design for Heritage Site Navigation: A Practice Study of an AR Navigation Application for Han Yu-Related sites in Chaozhou
Interactive Application Design; Cultural Heritage Sites; Han Yu; Chaozhou
Ying LIU

In the context of the rapid development of digital technology and the current status of cultural heritage conservation and cultural tourism promotion initiatives in China, this design project was aimed toward exploring and experimenting with the role of digital technologies in the revitalization and innovative use of cultural heritagesites, as well as the new interaction between visitors and cultural heritage sites in physical contexts through a practice study design and prototype development of an AR mobile navigation application- Han Yu in Chaozhou ()- for Han Yu-related heritage sites in Chaozhou. Starting from an analysis of existing digital heritage practices, a review of literary and historical materials, and a field investigation a teach site, an interactive AR navigation system that makes use of AR, QR-Code, and multimodal content, was designed and tested under actual field conditions by representative target users. The practice process and results provide theoretical and technical practical support and references for the digital revitalization of cultural heritage sites in the new media con