10:50 - 12:30
Session: S08
[Behavioural and Interaction] + Design
Behavioural Intervention Technology in UX Design: Conceptual Review, Synthesis, and Research Direction
Systematic Literature Review; Behavioural Change; Behavioural Intervention Technology; User Experience; Social Design Modes
Youngsoo SHIN, Chajoong KIM, Jungkyoon YOON

The notion of Behavioural Intervention Technologies (BITs) has received increasing attention from researchers and practitioners creating design and technology to support users’ behavioural change processes. However, the value of consolidating previous findings to connect insightful research and practical design works and generating new knowledge on BITs has been under-recognized in the design community. To support researchers and practitioners who struggle with creating human-centred BITs to effectively induce changes in human behaviour, this paper investigates existing literature on BITs through a systematic literature review with28 selected publications. From this literature review process, this paper proposes a structured synthesis of extant perspectives and approaches, offering an overarching perspective for effective applications of the BIT design approach. At the end of the paper, these findings are extended to discuss further research and implementations of design practices for changes in human behaviours.