10:50 - 12:30
Session: S19
[Customization and Systems] + Design
Building a Cross-Cultural UX Design Dual Degree
Ux; Cross-Cultural Design Education; Studio Education
Di ZHU, Wei LIU, Colin M. GRAY, Austin L. TOOMBS, Chunrong LIU

User Experience (UX) design has expanded rapidly across a range of industry and educational contexts in the last decade. While the core knowledge and “center” of UX is still emergent and contested, new educational programs to train the next generation of UX designers have begun to outline pedagogical practices and concepts that have relevance to the present and future of UX as a discipline. In this paper, we take a broad view of UX preparation, building on a case study of a global dual degree partnership between programs in the United States and China. We recount our individual experiences of building new programs in UX at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and the process of mapping our curricula to offer a bidirectional dual degree program that launched in 2019.