15:00 - 16:40
Session: S16
[Crowd Sourcing] + Design
A Design Response for Sustainability: in the time of Covid19
Pandemic; Transformation; Design Response; Circular Eco-System; Sustainability

This is a time of design experimentation with new approaches, methods and tools for transformations towards more sustainable ways of being and doing to improve the wellbeing of society and natural environments. Covid19 pandemic exposed the vulnerability of our global supply chains, and the food and agriculture eco-system, a fundamental source for the wellbeing of people was significantly disrupted. This event has strengthened and focused the need for bold design responses. To address this issue, this study investigates the mango eco-system from farm to trade. It does this by asking three questions: RQ1 : what is the current (recent past) situation: process from farm to trade and who are the actors? RQ2: What and how did COVID19 impact this process? RQ3: How might the process be improved for transformation towards sustainability and in the context of a CE? This study argues for a novel design approach for transformation towards sustainability in the context of a circular economy and proposes an innovative and alternative circular eco-system with new vision, new values and new set of relational stakeholders. The data include 17interviews; 6 farm visits ; 3 factory visits; 3 trading location visits. The key dimensions of sustainability are , a) economic (i.e. the flow of produce, decision making, its economic exchange value and value distribution); b) society (i.e. the type of jobs, engagement, community and relationships between people and tools); c) natural environment (i.e. the restorative and regenerative practices)