15:00 - 16:40
Session: S17
[Commons and Infrastructure] + Design
Rituals as design objects: a relational approach for infrastructuring urban commons
Commoning; Infrastructuring; Rituals; Formation Of Publics; New Cultural Centers

A growing interest in new commons and commoning practices emerged among the participatory design community. By mainly focusing on culture-driven urban commons, this paper aims to explore how design could support the flourishing of the commons within an infrastrcuturing process. In particular, by employing the notions of “formation of publics” the paper attempt to investigate such a process’s relational and socio-affective nature. In this respect, the analysis of an Italy-based case study - regarding the outputs produced during a community-based participatory design workshop - serves as an empirical basis for articulating discussion. Insights from this case allow drawing some consideration on the concept of ‘ritual’ as a potential design object, fostering new relational configuration and, more at large, sustainable and transformative changes through its performative and symbolical dimensions.