15:00 - 16:40
Session: S33
[Visualizations and Memory] + Design
Memory Container: A Co-creation Model of Olympic Memories from Individuals to Groups
Olympic Cultural Heritage; Olympic Memory; Interactive Memory; Co-Creation; Design Too
Zhiyong FU, Jingwen XU

To discover the value of Olympic memory as the cultural heritage of the Olympics, we have studied the transformation and utilization of personal memory to group memory. Based on the theory of interactive memory, we have constructed a “memory container” scenario co-creation model, and then formed a memory transformation and the paradigm of delivery. As a kind of intangible Olympic cultural heritage, Olympic memory not only has the inheritance effect on the past Olympic culture, but also has an important enlightening effect on the future Olympic Games. The intangible nature of Olympic memory and its dependence on individual memory also make It becomes a legacy that is easy to lose. As the Winter Olympics is approaching, more Olympic memory legacy will emerge. How to store and transform it efficiently, and further realize its inheritance and development, has become an urgent problem to be solved. To break the limitations of personal memory and meet the public’s demand for Olympic cultural heritage, we have studied the transformation model from personal memory to group memory. Based on the theory of interactive memory system, this paper constructs a set of memory-based structured scenario co-creation design tools-memory container, to gather and refine the content of Olympic cultural heritage that everyone expects with group wisdom, promote the transformation of personal memory to group memory, and then Form a paradigm, and provide some theoretical basis for building a virtual interactive platform to construct a common memory