10:50 - 12:30
Session: S39
[Life Values] + Design
Multiple Values of Service Design in Participating in Social Sustainability: Research on Food Design in Zhenze, Suzhou, China
Regional Food Culture; Social Sustainability; Service Design; Food Design; Design Value
Yuehui LIANG, Songfei HE, Binghong ZHAN

With the rapid development of society and improvement of material conditions, people begin to focus on internal needs, claiming more complicatedly about the social value of food and the way it presents. The meaning of food is not only at the material level, but more of an internal symbol of a regional. Its symbolic meaning reflects the internal culture and complex social relationship between one and other regions. This research involves service design thinking into the process of sustainable development of food culture in Zhenze, Suzhou, China, focusing on how service design meets the challenge of complex social development, and how to deal with the obstacles of food inheritance and innovation under sustainable development. The paper combs the relationship of how service design takes part in regional food development, providing the process model for the construction of regional food system in China: discovery - exploration - opportunity point - proposal - experiment - execution. Furthermore, this paper explores the significance of food service design from the perspective of social sustainability, broaden an overall comprehension of regions, explores the relationship between regions and food, also deconstructs and reconstructs the various possibilities of regional foods, social sustainability and people. We emphasize the ability and creativity of service design when solving the development issues of regional foods, and establish short chain communication between people and regional spaces. Meanwhile, we hope it push forward the food innovation, convey more diversified value, and promote the sustainable development of society.