10:50 - 12:30
Session: S19
[Customization and Systems] + Design
Understanding AI-Generated Personal Narratives as Design Material for Socially Engaging Things
AI-Generated Personal Narrative; Social Things; Interaction Design; Natural Language Processing (Nlp)
Hyungjun CHO, Gyeongwon YUN, Jiyeon LEE, Tek-Jin NAM

Requirements of interaction design are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex. Interaction designers should consider not only usability, intuitiveness, and aesthetics but also the quality of the social experience of interactive things. However, traditional design approaches for social experiences have limitations in terms of sustainability, diversity of outcomes, and adaptability. In this paper, we propose utilizing AI-generated personal narratives as new material for socially engaging things and share our understanding of it from a user study. We first generated and qualitatively analyzed 100 different personal narratives to understand the diversity of AI-generated personal narratives and derived 20 types as a result. We developed a software prototype generating personal narratives. We then conducted a user study using the prototype of sharing platform and the representative cases of each type and investigated user experiences through in-depth interviews. Our findings show that an AI-generated personal narrative reframes the relationship between people and things as if there were social relationships between people and people. People perceived the thing as a social entity. Depending on the contents of the narrative, they felt intimate or distant. Finally, we discuss the requirements and make suggestions for AI-generated personal narratives to provide a satisfactory social experience.