10:50 - 12:30
Session: S08
[Behavioural and Interaction] + Design
Understanding the patient journey: Working towards integrated medical records
Journey Map; Service Blueprint; Electronic Medical Record; Service Design; Patient Experience
Christine O’DELL, Sandra GABRIELE

The lack of an integrated medical history record can cause frustration for both patients and healthcare professionals. Due to the decentralised and compartmentalised nature of healthcare systems, records are fragmented and reside on multiple, unconnected information platforms. Currently, healthcare providers are responsible for maintaining patient records, giving patients limited control of their health information. This study demonstrates the value of visualization to understand the patient experience and the current state of the healthcare system. The data from in-depth semi-structured interviews and a journey mapping exercise with six healthcare practitioners and six patients revealed pain points, positive aspects and opportunities for improving the patient experience. We combined the data points to create a service blueprint, exposing five areas of concern: communication, care, control, repetition and privacy. The results from this study can serve as the foundation for developing design interventions to improve how patient medical records can be securely controlled, accessed and shared.