10:50 - 12:30
Session: S37
[Situating Cognition] + Design
Exploring Features of the Design on Futures Thinking
Futures Thinking; Design Alternative; Feature Of Design
Qing XIA, Zhiyong FU

Nowadays, with products and services getting more intelligent and evolving faster, the human-centered design methods, such as Design Thinking, have presented some areas that they can’t cover. Design Thinking takes the rapid feedback of users as the substitute for subjective speculation and long-term consideration of designers, which makes the design suitable for solving current problems but relatively short-sighted. In this context, some researchers have begun to explore ways to map out a more permanent, constant values behind products and services, to plana longer vision of design. In many explorations, we found the concept and method of Futures Thinking to inspire Design for farsighted. With it we can explore and enlarge the future possibilities of design, make design adapt to various futures. On this basis, we carried out researches on what kind of design can reflect the characteristics of Futures Thinking. And, this paper focuses on pointing out the features of this type of design. Through interviews and text deconstruction and reconstruction, this paper summarizes the keywords of the design features on Futures Thinking. Itis hoped that the outline and overview of such type of design can contribute to the discussion of design on Futures thinking, so that more people can participate in the dialogue and discussion about the futures, to design the preferable futures.