10:50 - 12:30
Session: S27
[Sensory Perceptions] + Design
Unpacking Cultural Perceptions of Future Elder Care through Design Fiction
Design Fiction; Elder Care; Culture; Filial Piety; Robot; Ageing-In-Place
Tse Pei NG, Jung-Joo LEE, Yiying WU

We present a case using Design Fiction to unpack cultural perceptions of futureelder care rooted in the Asian context of Singapore. We created two design fictions,addressing the tensions between filial piety and automated care and the controversy of integrating elder care facilities into residential communities. The designfictions took the visual forms of a shopping web page and a petition site and thepublic were invited to make fictional decisions. Received in total 109 responses,we identify the key tensions and value conflicts and illustrate them through visualnarratives. Further, we propose the Asian perspective of positioning relationships asthe protagonist in creating elder care design fiction.