10:50 - 12:30
Session: S44
[Prototypes and Tools] + Design
Artistic Visualisation of Personal Data: A Case Study of Digital Scheduler
Informative Art; Data Visualisation; Digital Scheduler; Infographics; Interactive Design
Sangsu JANG, Young-Woo PARK, Chajoong KIM

The rapid development of digital technology has made it possible to manage analogue information digitally. Various analogue information is currently digitalised,and people conveniently use the information with applications in their smartphone.Among many, digital scheduler is one of the popular applications. However, digitalscheduler still maintains the traditional look of paper calendars although it has beenradically developed in terms of function and usage. And previous studies indicateartistically-visualised data made users to be engaged in daily context. Therefore,our study explores how the look and feel of digital scheduler can be better designed to deliver integrated and engaged calendar experience with daily life. For thestudy, an online survey and a design workshop were conducted with ten designerswho were familiar with digital scheduler. The result shows that various elementscan be used for artistic visualisation of their schedules to converse digital schedulein a visually engaged form. As a case study, the findings could provide design practitioners with a useful source of information in the artistic visualisation of digitalisedpersonal data.